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On the hills of Brda, Slovenia, was founded a village called Vipolze, which boasts of high temperatures throughout the year. It is precisely there that the climatic influences of the Mediterranean and the Alps converge, giving to the wine a unique character. To this gift of nature, is added the ability and the high knowledge of the inhabitants of Brda, who work to produce young and fresh wine, with a rich body and a distinct aroma.

The Piro’s family farm, which deals with viticulture and winemaking, includes over seven hectares of vineyards. The name of the same, derives from the Friulian version of the great-grandfather Peter, who devoted himself to viticulture and winemaking in 1932, when he purchased a piece of land in the middle of the village of Vipolze where now stands the farm.
At Monastero dei Santi, you can taste different varieties of wine, produced by the Piro family: Chardonnay Bosc, Merlot Bosc and Pinot Grigio.

The Bosc line is known for the more mature wine, which presents aromas of vanilla, chocolate, coconut and caramel. For these wines, vinification takes place exclusively in oak barrels with long maceration and fermentation at high temperatures.
Further guarantee of quality is given by the multiple awards received in various international wine competitions, including the “Champion” prize for the Chardonnay and the “Leading Wine of Slovenia in Sorts” prize for Pinot Grigio, as well as eight gold medals, seven silver medals and many awards of honour.

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