Services and quality respecting the environment

The Boutique Hotel “Monastero dei Santi” has decided to implement a series of ecological and environmentally friendly initiatives, in order to guarantee its guests an ecological stay in the heart of the Eternal City!

Our goal is to minimize negative impacts on the environment in terms of water, air and earth pollution, maximizing user comfort at our hotel.
We have made a careful selection of the partners to collaborate with, in order to achieve our mission by implementing the following actions:

  • The necessary electricity is produced from renewable sources;
  • Installation of latest generation equipment for hot water production and climate control;
  • Recycling and separate collection of waste;
  • The laundry is washing with eco-sustainable detergents;
  • Use of biodegradable products for cleaning;
  • Plastic free;
  • All appliances have class AAA+;
  • Presence of charging stations for electric cars;
  • Electric bikes and scooters available for guests.

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