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It is said that exactly the point where the Hotel Monastero dei Santi stands, is one of the most important points in history and that it has influenced the current geopolitics.

The world, as we know it today, depends on an important event. 

The Roman historians Titus Livy Polybius tell us that the conqueror Hannibal, around 2220 years ago, left Carthage after having crossed Spain, Gaul and the Alps with his army and elephants and having overpowered the Roman avant-garde several times, arrived precisely at the point where we are today.

The highest point from which to observe Rome closely!

Hannibal admired what his eyes could never have imagined, a Metropolis of almost 1 million inhabitants, covered with art and precious marbles, which at the sunset become a shimmering fiery red. Enchanted by the charm of Rome, he stopped his troops and said to them: "Enjoy the sight of such beauty because tomorrow we will conquer it and destroy it."

If Hannibal had attacked immediately, he would have found Rome stripped of its army that was returning from Capua and would have conquered it and made it the capital of his empire. Instead, the next day, he descended exactly from where we are today, in advance with his horse around the city walls and saw the whole Roman army, rushed during the night, deployed in its defense. 

Hannibal gave up. Rome was saved and eternal.

In 1200 San Domenico himself decided to build the monastery here, in honor of that event that established the fate of the world and probably of Christianity itself. Today we can admire exactly the same panorama of 2220 years ago from the hotel terraces and relive at sunset the same emotions experienced by Hannibal at the time thanks to the beauty of Rome which has remained unchanged over the centuries and millennia.

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