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Monastero dei Santi, welcomes works of art by the famous artist Ulisse Sartini
Ulisse Sartini was born in Ziano Piacentino on May 30th, 1943. When he was very young he moved to Milan where he studied under the guidance of the painter Luigi Comolli - Segantini's pupil. However, his true mentors were the painters of the Renaissance, from whom he assimilated the secrets of technique, the magic of color and the mystery of painting.

Sartini is an emotional personality, of great sensitivity, which manifests itself in the poetic atmosphere of the portraits and in the Embriocosmo. This last, a synthesis of the macro and microcosm, are the representation of the Infinite in a finite space; a mapping of the universe, a completely original representation of its unknown dimension.

"In the embryocosm I try to express, with my pictorial language, the mystery of the universe, creation, the four elements, but also the cyclical nature of life, perpetual motion. The embryocosm is a universal and multifaceted concept, a mystery even to myself "(Ulisse Sartini).

Over time, his activity as a portraitist becomes increasingly significant, so much so that he assumes a position of international importance. After Pietro Annigoni, he is the only Italian artist to be present at the National Portrait Gallery in London with the Portrait of Dame Joan Sutherland. Among the best known portraits, the official ones of S.S. John Paul II, S.S. Benedict XVI, S.S. Francis. The portraits of the British Prime Minister John Major with his wife, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Luciana Savignano, Luciano Pavarotti, Renata Tebaldi, Audrey Hepburn for the new headquarters of Unicef in Rome, Giovanni Verga for the Imaginary Museum Verghiano of Vizzini. And three more portraits of Maria Callas acquired by La Scala Theater Museum in Milan, the New Megaron Music Theater in Athens and La Fenice Theater in Venice.

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